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Our company is struggling with Human Resources. Can you help us manage that?

Yes. We advise management on the administration of human resources policies and procedures and serve as internal consultants by analyzing a company’s current HR programs and recommend innovative solutions that meet their needs. Solutions range from developing, revising, and implementing HR policies and procedures to ensure HR programs and services are in compliance with state/federal laws and regulations.

How do I know that Carraway HR is the right HR consulting agency for our company?

We are confident in our abilities and are well versed in theoretical and practical knowledge. We have the experience necessary to understand what solutions have worked in the past and how to navigate future challenges. We have the ability to explain ideas and concepts in a simplified manner and explain problems and solutions in terms everyone can understand. We have a strong ability to improvise as organizations are always evolving and changing. Carraway HR is able to foresee and implement multiple solutions. Before solutions can be discovered, problems need to be fully understood. We carefully listen to the needs of our clients as to implement solutions that address their specific needs.

How do you customize your services for companies in varying industries?

Human capital needs are not industry specific as human resource challenges can be found in all organizations. We conduct audits of HR activities to ensure compliance with policies and procedures that boost moral, foster retention, and mitigate employee related issues. Upon completion, we prepare reports related to HR complications and assist with the development and coordination of recommended changes.

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